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Presentation: Teaching the Cultural Background of the Bible

Presentation at the Society of Biblical Literature 2015 Annual Meeting, in a joint session of two units:

  • Academic Teaching and Biblical Studies
  • Global Education and Research Technologies (GERT)

Presentation (PowerPoint): Teaching the Cultural Background of the Bible

Presentation: Beyond the Book: Datasets, Media and New Kinds of Content

The Content Innovation team at Faithlife curates the datasets that power Logos Bible Software. This presentation describes the philosophy behind that curation, and surveys the many datasets included in Logos 6 and Logos Now. This presentation was given at a Faithlife Open House.

Presentation (PowerPoint): Beyond the Book

Presentation: Document Your World with Markdown

I spoke at LinuxFest Northwest 2015 on Markdown as a simple approach to creating lightly-formatted text that can be widely used. In conjunction with tools like pandoc, you can transform Markdown text into static web pages, blog posts, other formatted document types, and even HTML-based presentations (Slidy, S5, reveal.js) and ePub books.


Presentation: Sharing and Contributing Annotations

A 5-minute overview of what Logos Bible Software is doing generally in annotation, and our interests in open annotation on the Web.

The Bible Sense Lexicon: A Semantic Database for the 21st Century

Presentation at the Society of Biblical Literature about the Bible Sense Lexicon, a novel resource that organizes the biblical vocabulary around senses and sense relationships.

Hello Drupal

I'm in the process of rebuilding my personal website using Drupal 7. We'll see how it goes, but expect some change as i figure things out.


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